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Our mission extends far beyond mere sustenance. For every product sold 1/3 of the profits is invested in uplifting the lives of orphans in Nigeria.


Nigeria, a nation brimming with cultural richness and vibrant traditions, a sobering reality lurks beneath the surface – the staggering existence of 17.5 million orphaned children. 

This staggering number, equivalent to the entire population of Sweden, Denmark and Iceland combined, is a haunting reminder of the challenges that plague this diverse and resilient country.


This stark truth was brought to light to me by a UK government official working in the sector, who revealed to me the sobering fact that black children are the least adopted in orphanages across Britain – a harrowing indication of the systemic challenges that transcend borders.


Confronted with this harsh reality, the question arose, "How much worse could it be in Nigeria?"

This led to the discovery of the staggering 17.5 million orphan statistic—a number that demands immediate attention and action.

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At the core of this crisis lie two deeply rooted issues

The lack of comprehensive sexual education

A product of societal taboos and limited access to information, has contributed to unplanned pregnancies and the subsequent abandonment of children.

Cultural reluctance towards adoption

Rooted in long-held beliefs and societal norms, has fostered an environment where adoption and foster care systems remain underdeveloped and underutilised.

The impact of this crisis extends far beyond statistics and numbers. It's a lived reality for countless children deprived of the nurturing embrace of a family, forced to navigate the harsh realities of life without the guidance and support that every child deserves.

 In the face of such adversity, compassionate individuals and organisations must rise to the occasion and extend a helping hand to these vulnerable children and their communities. GuDee will lead the way and will tackle the 2 key contributing factors around awareness and uplifting their lives.

Awareness Efforts in Nigeria

Launch nationwide multimedia campaigns promoting sexual education and family planning.

Collaborate with religious and community leaders to destigmatise discussions around reproductive health.

Integrate comprehensive sexual education into school curricula from an early age.

Partner with popular Nigerian influencers and celebrities to amplify the message of safe sex practices Promoting Adoption and Foster Care in Nigeria.

Initiate public service campaigns highlighting the importance and benefits of adoption.

Work with government agencies to streamline and incentivise the adoption process.

Encourage corporate initiatives that provide support and resources for employees adopting children.

Collaborate with non-profits to establish a robust foster care system and support network Awareness.

Awareness  Efforts in the UK


Launch targeted campaigns in minority communities, addressing cultural barriers to adoption.


Partner with community centres, places of worship, and cultural organisations to host educational events.


Facilitate open dialogues and storytelling sessions with adoptive families from diverse backgrounds.


Collaborate with mainstream media outlets to showcase positive adoption stories and role models.


Engage with educational institutions to promote inclusive adoption narratives from an early age.

By implementing these awareness initiatives, fostering open dialogues, and promoting inclusive narratives, we can combat the root causes of the orphan crisis, empowering communities to embrace safe sexual practices, adoption, and foster care system.


Facility Upgrade Initiatives

  • GuDee will finance renovation projects and infrastructure upgrades to create safe, comfortable living environments for orphaned children.
  • Investments will be made in enhancing sanitation facilities, dormitories, and recreational areas to promote the well-being and quality of life of orphans.

Educational Initiatives

  • GuDee's funding will support the implementation of educational programs and resources aimed at nurturing the academic and vocational growth of orphaned children.
  • Financial assistance will be provided to ensure access to quality schooling, tutoring services, and vocational training opportunities, empowering orphans with essential skills and knowledge for their future.

Healthcare Program Initiatives

  • GuDee will establish comprehensive healthcare programs to address the medical and nutritional needs of orphaned children, funded through its initiatives.
  • The funding will cover regular medical check-ups, vaccinations, and access to essential healthcare services to promote the physical and mental well-being of orphaned children.

So Fuel and Nourish your body Naturally, Not Artificially. Fuel Good, and Do Good. Join our GuDee Impact mission to disrupt the protein supplement industry while creating lasting change in orphans in Nigeria and the UK.


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