Who are we?

GuDee is on a mission to revolutionise the way people fuel and nourish their bodies while making a positive impact on the world.

Founded in 2023 by Chibuikem Osuchukwu a British-Nigerian driven by a passion for uplifting lives and fueling the body naturally, not artificially. His mission was simple – to become the gateway to the hidden SuperFoods in West Africa while uplifting the livelihoods of million orphans in West Africa.

We source our products from small local polyculture farmers in West Africa. These small polyculture farmers help foster biodiversity and promote sustainability.

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Operating in Birmingham, United Kingdom - we focus on packaging our products in a manner that maintains their freshness and quality. Our rigorous quality control measures ensure that our customers receive products that meet the highest standards

Our flagship product, Egusi seeds is a type of melon seed indigenous to West Africa. It is a natural plant-based source of complete protein.

It is high in protein and rich in essential vitamins and minerals. It can be used as the main ingredient for a myriad of dishes, from milkshakes, protein bars, and porridge to stews, offering a nutritious and delicious option for consumers, especially for people on plant-based diets.

It addresses their struggle to obtain complete protein naturally without relying on ultra-processed foods or supplements, which are associated with various significant health risks. 

Because our mission extends far beyond mere sustenance. For every product sold 1/3 of the profits is invested in uplifting the lives of the 17.5 million orphans in Nigeria. 

Our Vision

Our mission and vision is simple - to become the gateway into the hidden superfoods treasure from West Africa, while uplifting the livelihoods of millions of  orphans.


Our Values

1 - Quality

We prioritize quality in every aspect of our operations, ensuring that our products consistently meet the highest standards of excellence.

2 - Giving Back

We are committed to giving back to our community and beyond, dedicating a portion of our profits to initiatives that uplift and empower those in need.

3 - Sustainability

We are deeply invested in sustainability, striving to minimize our environmental footprint through responsible sourcing, packaging, and production practices.

How we began

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I am Chibuikem Osuchukwu, the Founder and Managing Director of GuDee - an organisation that stands at the intersection of my professional journey and my deepest passion.

My path began in 2006 when I left Nigeria for the UK, driven by a dream to become a Chartered Aerospace Engineer. A decade in the aerospace sector endowed me with a deep understanding of safety, quality standards, sophisticated operations, and innovation. Yet, my engagement with aerospace, though intense, has always been secondary to a more profound commitment: enhancing community welfare and improving livelihoods.

Nigeria, my heritage, is undeniably beautiful, marked by its rich cultural tapestry and vibrant traditions. But beneath this colourful exterior lies a grave concern—the presence of 17.5 million orphaned children. This figure, as populous as the combined inhabitants of Sweden, Ireland, and Cyprus, serves as a somber marker of the hurdles facing this diverse nation.

A pivotal moment came three years ago through a conversation with a UK government official in the sector. I was confronted with the distressing fact that black children face the lowest adoption rates in British orphanages, a stark revelation of systemic issues that span beyond a single nation. This encounter compelled me to consider the severity of such neglect in Nigeria, leading to my awareness of the overwhelming number of orphans requiring urgent support and intervention.

My lifestyle and personal beliefs have always kept me at arm's length from ultra-processed foods and protein supplements, leading me on a quest for something natural, yet convenient and minimally processed. This search was not just about dietary preferences but about finding a means to support my true mission: the welfare of Nigeria's 17.5 million orphans.

I turned my gaze to Nigeria, intrigued by how individuals engaged in physically demanding work maintained their physical fitness effortlessly and with physiques to match without the aid of gym routines, strict diets, or protein supplements. It led me to explore the traditional diet. The investigation into Egusi soup and stew, staples of West African cuisine, revealed their superfood status. Astounded by the nutritional value uncovered in a food lab, I realised the potential of such indigenous foods to revolutionise health and nutrition. This discovery prompted a significant pivot in my career, from aerospace engineering to founding GuDee.

I'm an avid fitness enthusiast, annually tackling a half-marathon and reveling in the gritty thrill of obstacle course mud runs. Cinema is my retreat, where I immerse in about three films monthly—a slight dip from my bachelor days of five. My wanderlust drives me to discover new locales, each journey commemorated with a unique snow globe capturing the essence of a fascinating monument from the visited countries.

We are more than a brand; we are a mission to harness the power of natural nutrition in uplifting lives and addressing the needs of millions. It's an invitation to join a movement towards health and hope, leveraging the untapped wealth of West African superfoods to make a tangible difference. Together, we can craft a narrative of hope and health, powered by the natural bounty and the resilience of communities.


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