Palm Fruit Harvest Challenge

Harvesting Sustainably and Safely, Innovating for Good

Sponsorship Grand Prize: N250,000

Do you have a passion for innovation and a drive to make a difference? Here's your chance to make an impact and win a cash prize from GuDee! Put your creativity to the test by coming up with a safer way of harvesting palm fruit in small local farms

GuDee observed that the current methods of harvesting palm fruits is not safe for the local farmers involved. With a dedication to promoting innovation and giving back to the society in other to improve the livelihoods of the local farmers, GuDee has decided to introduce a better and safer method of harvesting palm fruits

To achieve this goal, GuDee has thrown out an open contest to university students. They are inviting students from the Federal University of Technology Owerri to propose innovative solutions that can revolutionize the palm fruit harvesting process. The challenge requires students to come up with a method that is not only safer but also more reliable and efficient.


The contest will be conducted in two stages.

Stage 1 - Written proposals

Students who believe they have an innovative solutions are required to form teams of 1 to 3 people and submit detailed accounts of their innovative approaches to palm fruit harvesting. This stage aims to encourage participants to thoroughly research and present their ideas, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their proposed methods

Stage 2 - Prototype Design

In this stage the top five (5) proposals from stage 1 will be acknowledged and awarded financial support. This aid will enable contestants to develop prototypes of their proposed harvesting methods, bringing their concepts to life and showcasing their practicality

The prototypes will be evaluated based on their effectiveness, easiness, sustainability and safety

Cash Prize

The team with the best prototype will be declared the winner of the contest and awarded a cash prize of N250,000. The winning team will also have the opportunity to collaborate with GuDee to implement the solution to the farmers by providing the necessary training to them.



The safety of the local farmers is the bedrock of this program. Thus the proposal must give priority to safety. The method proposed shall be the one that should be considered the safest

Material Used

The proposal shall state the material(s) used for the design and the reason they believe the chosen material is the most appropriate.

Ease of Use

The designer shall put the flexibility and easiness of use into consideration in the proposal. The proposed method should be the type that is very easy to use compared to the existing ones.


GuDee has a commitment to sustainability, therefore the new proposed method needs to be environmentally friendly.


Eligibility: The contest is opened to students of all levels.

Mode of submission

Participating teams should include their basic details on the proposal documents and send them to


The deadline for the submission of the proposal is November 11, 2023.

Overall, this contest aims to encourage innovation and creativity among university students, while addressing the safety concerns associated with the current palm fruit harvesting process and improving the livelihoods of the local farmers in West Africa.

GuDee believes this contest will not only revolutionise palm fruit harvesting techniques but also strive to mitigate ecological concerns while fostering economic growth within the food sector.

Join us in this exciting endeavor, and be a part of the change wave that will shape tomorrow's sustainable palm oil industry.


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